Get 25% off 🎉 on DIGITAL MARKETING Course | Hurry Up!


Get 25% off 🎉 on DIGITAL MARKETING Course | Hurry Up!

Best SEO Course Institute
Digital Marketing

Best SEO Training Institute in Jaipur

Best SEO Training Institute in Jaipur

Learn the mysteries of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Through the course at Web Development Institute, you will discover all you can about SEO and how it works in creating backlinks as well as how search engines work and how to obtain quality backlinks and more.

Learn to deepen your understanding of the major search engines' procedure and the key points to remember to increase organic traffic to your website. Through the training offered in SEO Course Our instructors focus on both practical and theoretical learning. Between training, we discuss SEO strategies and measures. Additionally, we review the most important methods and tools to outperform your competitors.

Course Overview

Our practical based training helps our trainee to increase traffic to website and rank on different search engines: Learn to improve On-Page strategy

  •  Deep concepts of keywords research and analysis  
  •   Tools to find competitor keywords analysis  
  •   Deep knowledge of On-Page and Off-page optimization  
  •   Role of landing pages to rank website and traffic gain  
  •   Create quality inbound linking  
  •   Concepts of PA, DA, ALEXA, and Page Rank

In between the training, we also guide our trainees to use free SEO tools and techniques to get desired users towards the website in targeted days.

Who can join the Advanced SEO Course?

Students who are studying or completing the 10th, 12th, or more advanced qualifications are able to join this course in digital marketing easily. To gain more value from this course, it's beneficial to are knowledgeable about technology.

Course Outcomes

  1.   Tips to get organic traffic  
  2.   How to get an ROI model for SEO  
  3.   Use Google Analytics and Webmasters  
  4.   Creating and managing SEO Reports  
  5.   Develop High-Quality content  
  6.   Check website plagiarism  
  7.   Develop Sitemap  
  8.   Develop Better impression on search engines  
  9.   Rank Website, blog, article, video document, etc
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