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E-commerce Training in Jaipur

The full form of E-commerce is Electronic commerce. This is the activity of buying and selling products electronically over the Internet.  & E-commerce is the most common method of exchanging goods and services through the Internet. Electronic data, mobile commerce, and other forms of technology are all used in e-commerce, which benefits both buyers and sellers. E-commerce mostly utilizes the web for a minimum of a part of a deal's life cycle, while it may also use other technologies such as e-mail. Online shopping, online auctions, and electronic markets make up the major three aspects of electronic commerce. And e-commerce is so much useful for the consumer because it's simple to use, easy to buy products from, and saves the consumer a lot of time doing so. It also saves time for both the sellers and the customers, and it's especially helpful in today's world because everyone is so busy at work. It enables busy workers to save time and shop wherever and whenever they want.

Types of e-commerce

Let's take a look at the easy 4 sorts of e-commerce that are quite popular…

1. Business to business (B2B)

The first type is business-to-business (B2B), which is the most popular and well-known aspect of online commerce. business to business refers to the selling of a product by a manufacturer or wholesaler to a retailer. When one company sells its goods to another company, this is referred to as B2B. Moreover, no customer is engaged in this transaction; only one company is selling and purchasing from another business.

2. Business to consumer (B2C)

In the second, "business to consumer" refers to when you purchase products or goods through an online store, website, or other location, and in this case, a company sells its items directly to customers.

3. Consumer to consumer (C2C)

the third, where customers deal with one another. There is no business involved in this electronic commerce process.  when individuals sell their goods and stuff to a party looking for them directly. On websites like eBay and Etsy, consumer to consumer sales take place.

4. Consumer to business (C2B)

The final one is an e-commerce consumer-to-business strategy in which a customer delivers goods and services to the company. For example, when an individual offers services or products to a business, such as freelance writers or IT freelancers.

The advantage of learning E-commerce

1. You can sell all around the world.

2. a reliable source of income

3. The quickest buying and selling process.

4. consumer flexibility.

5. saves a significant amount of time.

E-commerce job or career options

1. Consultant in e-business.

2. project supervisor.

3. commercial analyst

4. Marketing Expert

5. customer service manager


After finishing the course, you'll receive a certificate that will aid in your job search, gain practical experience, and learn from qualified instructors. and we'll make it simple for you to enroll in this fascinating and well-liked course at a fair fee.

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Program Features

Duration: 45 Days

Effort: 45 Hours of Learning

Subject: E-Commerce Course

Level: Professional

Language: English, Hindi

star icon Prerequisites

Basic computer literacy

internet usage

and familiarity with online shopping. No prior experience required.

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